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Carolyn is one of the best camouflage body artists in the world today and has worked on numerous assignments for clients across the globe including America, South Africa, the Caribbean and Japan. This page brings together a selection of her body painting that demonstrates the art of camouflage. You may click on a photo to see an enlargement, or visit the Videos Page to see the 'in action' end result of Carolyn's camouflage body paints including adverts for the Ford B Max, Urban Camouflage for Really TV and Neckermann Travel Company for Belgium TV.

Irish National Lottery
Take a look at the following YouTube video that features Carolyn's stunning camouflage body painting used by the Irish National Lottery to promote their scratch card on Irish TV.


Carolyn produced the incredible camouflage body art for the vending machine scene in the movie "Dumb and Dumber To" starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. No CGI was used for the full body paint on co-star Rob Riggle to blend him in with the hotel hallway. It took Carolyn six hours to paint him and blend in accurately with the background. The YouTube trailer for the film and including the vending machine scene was viewed by more than 24 million viewers in just one month.

Movie stills courtesy of Red Granite Pictures. Movie directed by Bobby and Peter Farrelly. Body paints by Mehron.

Carolyn gives Gary Lineker the camouflage treatment for a Walkers Crisps promotion. This work received massive coverage in not just the UK media but Worldwide too. For more photos and enlargements just click on the photo.
For a promotional video to support the launch of LG's new Optimus G Pro smartphone, Carolyn body painted a model to blend in with a vivid background before he walked out of the picture for dramatic effect. You can view the movie on the Video Page or by clicking the photo above. Carolyn was invited by Nippon TV to body paint a number of camouflage scenes for a popular Japanese TV programme called "ITTEQ - Let's challenge the World". Can you see the model?

There is a person with head and hand painted to blend in with the fruit. Can you spot him? (This work was featured on the cBBC programme Smart).

Carolyn body painted a model to blend in with the background
wallpaper for the cover of Graham & Brown's new catalogue.

Carolyn body painted models to blend into the background for a video sequence shown on Louie Spence's Sky TV programme "Showbusiness". 

Blending in with the floor of a quarry.
Photo: C. Roper


A body-painted gymnast, blending in with a background drape, was used in a TV advertising campaign for Panasonic Viera televisions.

Another still from the
Panasonic advert.


Ford B Max promo

Carolyn was commissioned by Imagination PR to body paint two models to blend with a back-drop for a promotional video for the launch of the Ford B Max. The photo is a still from the video. Click on the photo to see the enlargement and also view the video.

Carolyn was commissioned by Taylor Herring PR to body paint models so they blended into their urban background. The stunt was made by TV channel Really to mark the UK premiere of the new series of the CIA drama, Covert Affairs.
Photos: Tim Anderson/Barcroft Media

Another camouflage for TV channel Really
(see previous photo)

Another camouflage for TV channel Really
(see previous photo)

Carolyn was commissioned to produce a series of camouflage body paints for use in a Belgium TV advert to promote the Belgium travel company Neckermann. The shoot was held on location in the Dominian Republic. Click on the either of the 2 image above to see enlargements of these and 3 other camouflages used for the promotion.


A 'live' poster campaign for Cancer Research UK at London Victoria Station

Carolyn was a guest on the Alan Titchmarsh Show where she wowed Alan and the audience with a superb camouflage body painting "hiding" a model into a stall of fruit and vegetables. Carolyn was commissioned by Unicef to produce  this camouflage body paint for a campaign to stop child trafficking in the UK.
Photo: Caroline Irby