Professional make-up.  Creative body painting.
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Videos of Carolyn's Work

This page brings together a selection of videos showing Carolyn's work and also of Carolyn in action:

Below, Irish National Lottery Scratch Card Promotion


Below, Carolyn in action painting England Rugby player Mark Cueto


Below, Carolyn in action painting World Superbike racer Leon Haslam for a Silverstone promotion.


Below, the promotional video for the launch of the Ford B Max.


Below, the Sun newspaper video of Carolyn transforming Sam Cooke into Mystique using body painting and special effects to publicise the release of 'X Men First Class' movie on Blu-ray and DVD by Twentieth Century Fox.


Below, celebrities Mario Falcone and Leandro Penna body painted by Carolyn for the 2012 'Jeans for Genes' charity promotion.


Below, Carolyn in a promotional stunt by Taylor Herring PR to body paint models so they blended into their urban background. The promotion was made by TV channel Really to mark the UK premiere of the new series of the CIA drama, Covert Affairs.

Below, Carolyn was commissioned to body paint numerous models to blend into the background for a Belgium TV advert to promote a Belgium travel company, Neckermann. Some scenes required Carolyn and her assistant, Emily Dowdeswell, to paint models whilst waist deep in the sea!


For a promotional video to support the launch of LG's new Optimus G Pro smartphone, Carolyn body painted a model to blend in with a vivid background before he walked out of the picture for dramatic effect.